IP44 48W 120*60 Office LED Flat Panel Light 60x120 Ceiling Light Panel 1200x600

Item: 600x1200
Power: 48W
CRI Option: Ra 80 / 70 / 90
Light Efficiency: 80lm/w~100lm/w
Warranty: 3 Years / 5 Years

Product Details

1. Product Introduction of 60x120  LED Panel Light 48w.

• LED  panel light use pure 6063 aluminum alloy  frame, silver color frame or white frame finish.
• Ultra  slim led panel light with only 10mm thickness, with the diffused PMMA optical  lens, 120 degree beam angle, good for heat dissipation with long span  life, Up to 60,000 hours, 6 times compare with energy saving lamp, 40  times compare with incandescent lamp.  50% energy-saving than energy  saving lamp,80% energy-saving than incandescent lamp. 
• LED panel lights is easy to install. There  are Recessed, Surface Mounted, Suspended etc installation ways available.
• LED  ceiling light has 0-10v dimmable ,Dali dimmable and Triac dimmable for options.
• High efficiency constant current driver with  built in overheat protection that remains stable
at a wide range of input voltages.


2. Product Parameter:



3.  Product Detail:













4.  LED Panel Light Application:
Lightman led panel light widely used in  Conference & Meeting room, Factories & Office, Commercial lighting,  Residential &Institution buildings, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Living  room, Bedroom, Kitchen and Hospitals etc.





5. LED Panel Light Installation  Way:
 For  LED Panel Light, there are recessed, surface mounted, suspended installation  ways for customers options. Customer can choose according to their needs.




Recessed  Installation Example:


Surface  Mounted Installation Example:


Suspended  Installation Example:


6. FAQ:

Q1:  What is the Warranty  for the led panel light?

A: For led lamp panel, we can provide 3 years  or 5 years warranty according to customer requirements.
Q2: What is color  temperature?
A: LED Lighting offer lamps in warm, natural, pure and  cool white with color temperatures measured in Kelvin (K). Different  color temperature for your option, such as 2700-3200K,4000-4500K,5000-5500K,6000-6500K.
Q3: What is CRI?
A: CRI is a figure which feedback the real objects colors. Higher CRI  with higher cost. For LED panel light, the CRI is mostly 80Ra.


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