Recessed Grid TUV EMC ROHS Qualified 625x625 LED Ceiling Panel Light 36W 62.5x62.5cm

Item: 625x625
Power: 36W
CRI Option: Ra 80 / 70 / 90
Light Efficiency: 80lm/w~120lm/w
Warranty: 3 Years / 5 Years

Product Details

1.Product Introduction of 625x625  LED Panel Light 36w.

• Lightman led panel  light use high quality Epistar SMD2835 chips with low energy consumptions and  long lifespan.
• Lightman office led panel has different color temperature: Warm White, Natural White and Pure  White. • SeniorLED Panel Light is ultra thin,  light, and also flexible. These characteristics allow designers to create  much more creative shapes than existing lighting can provide.
• Lightman  led ceiling panel has beautiful  appearance, small size, light weight, convenient installation.
 • Lightman led light fixture has high  quality PMMA lighting guide plate(LGP) used as improving lighting efficiency,  LGP is no color change in long years.
 • Lightman led  light panel has 3years or 5 years warranty.


2. Product Parameter:


3.Product Details:



4. LED Panel Light Application:
Our led panel light is widely used for commercial lighting, office lighting,  hospital lighting, clean room lighting etc. It is popular to be installed  in office, school, supermarket, hospital, factory and institution building  etc.image006.png


5. LED Panel Light Installation  Way:
 For  Lightman LED Panel Light, there are ceiling recessed, surface mounted, suspended  installation ways for options with corresponding installation accessories. Customer  can choose according to their requirements.


Recessed Installation Example:

Surface Mounted Installation  Example:

Suspended Installation Example:

6. Our Advantage:


Lightman --An experience manufacturer with  long years experiences in led panel lighting.

Lightman--Providing customization service.

Lightman--A professional manufacturer with  capability to provide full led lighting solutions.

Lightman--We offer factory direct sale with competitive wholesale price because of  large quantity production.