Product: CCT adjustable and brightness dimmable led panel light 30x120

Location: Shanghai, China

Application Environment: Office Lighting

Project Details: This CCT adjustable and brightness dimmable led panel lights creates a new lighting experience by illuminating the offices with 2700-6500K color temperature changing and brightness dimming. One RF remote controller can control simultaneously plenty of led panel lights and able to separate these led flat panel lights to be different groups.

led panels reproduce colors and materials realistically and create a comfortable environment. With different controllers it is easy to get the light variation that helps our biological clock, both in work and rest. Our client told us” the cct dimmable led panel light enables us to recover initial investment quickly and greatly reduce the maintenance cost. What’s more I have been impressed with the quality of light from the lightman led panel light. It complements the modern design of our office the dimming control gives us flexibility on use age of space”