Product: 60*120cm RGB and RGBW LED Panel Light

Location: Germany

Application Environment: Shopping Mall Lighting

Project Details: The client adopts 600x1200 rgb led panel light for shopping mall lighting. RGB led light panel uses Taiwan Epistar 5050, the temperature at 80 degrees, the led light decline of only about 3%. And we use leading thermal management structure, the cooling body wall thickness of 3.0MM, low temperature rise, greatly increasing the life of the entire lamp. For control way, we have Infrared Control, 2.4G Wireless control, ZigBee, Philips Hue and DMX512 control for your options. The client told us” the rgb and rgbw lighting design elegant, luxurious atmosphere, both good lighting effects, but also brings the feeling of beauty.”

1. 60x120 rgb led panel light.jpg

2. 120x600 rgb led panel light.jpg