Product: 300x1200mm IP65 LED Panel Light

Location: China

Application Environment: Swimming Pool Lighting

Project Details: IP65 waterproof led panel lights were installed in swimming pool.

Our client was responsible for providing and installing led panel lights for office, school and recreational areas. The client told us” he has a project for swimming pool lighting, and see if we can give good idea for him”. We suggest our client uses ip65 waterproof led flat panel light. Because our ip65 led ceiling light panel is designed to the good energy saving panel with 90lm/w, 50,000 hours long life, and 90% uniformity across the emitting surface. It enables customers to recover initial investment quickly and greatly reduce the maintenance cost. “Your product working performance is excellent, it will helps us win many orders." The client expressed he was satisfied.


waterproof led panel light were installed in Swimming Pool.jpg